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A cloud enabled Learning Management Platform brought to you by the innovators of TESEA App for Secondary Education.

TESEA Academy is the new platform designed to support and enhance e-Learning in Tanzania, on the Continent and beyond. TESEA Academy gives access to customisable digital platforms created by our inhouse tech specialists. Whether Schools, Universities, Businesses NGOs, Governments or Independent Content Publishers, TESEA Academy provides a secure space to build and support your learning community.… Read More

platform users

TA platform provides a mobile application and web platform for connecting content publishers, institutions, students for all learning management needs to publish engaging content using video, audio, interactive tests and PDFs using customizable language options.

platform features

The ability to manage e-Learning through customized subscriptions and generate analytics and reports are just some of the features that ensure the teaching and learning practice continues to evolve in tandem with technological enablers.

how the platform works

  • Content publishers can upload their digital content in any form like audio, video and any of the Office document formats.

  • Registered users on the platform can discover the content, buy the subscriptions and get access to the content.

  • The encrypted content once downloaded is persisted on the device across the login sessions to avoid unnecessary data traffic from the end users device.

  • The user needs to be connected and logged into the E-Learn app to be able to play the content.

  • The platform supports, tests and exams for both objective and subjective type questions.

  • The platform supports, tests and exams for both objective and subjective type questions.

  • The encrypted content is downloaded to the consumers hand held device

  • If the subscription is valid, the user shall be able to play the content locally.

  • End Users can take exams for the subscribed content to validate their learning.

  • Platform provides both automated and human assisted validation of the tests to award credits for the end users.

our team

Our team consists of highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable teachers that are dedicated to our students.

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