TESEA Academy is the new platform designed to support and enhance e-Learning in Tanzania, on the Continent and beyond.

TESEA Academy gives access to customisable digital platforms created by our inhouse tech specialists. Whether Schools, Universities, Businesses NGOs, Governments or Independent Content Publishers, TESEA Academy provides a secure space to build and support your learning community. Our Mission is to connect educators and learners using technology in a way that supports the unique culture of each institution or organisation that we host.

TESEA Academy offers online and offline access to courses and assessments in multimedia format. The ability to manage e-Learning through customized subscriptions and generate analytics and reports are just some of the features that ensure the teaching and learning practice continues to evolve in tandem with technological enablers.

TESEA Academy core belief is in the power of education through technology to transform and evolve the learning experience. It is a continuous process that is supported through a team of tech specialists and educators with experience in the areas of Curriculum Development, ICT and Digital Marketing.

Let us support you in building your learning community through our wealth of experience in content creation and e-Learning integration.